Banana Smoothie With Strawberries

Ingredients for Banana Smoothie With Strawberries

1-2 organic bananas
6-8 frozen organic strawberries
100% Organic white grape juice
Other organic fruit


We always use the bananas, strawberries, and white grape juice as the base for this smoothie. Where I have listed "other organic fruit", we'll often use frozen peaches, frozen blueberries, or whatever fresh fruit we have around that needs to be used, like pears that are too ripe. Experiment with different combinations to get a taste you like.

The frozen strawberries make the smoothie cold, so don't substitute fresh strawberries. We'll freeze fresh strawberries to have for smoothies later, or you can buy them frozen.

The fresh bananas make the smoothie creamy, so don't substitute frozen ones. We tend to use slightly overripe bananas, since they need to be used soon anyway.

Put the bananas and strawberries and your other fruit in your blender. We have a 6 cup blender, and we end up with fruit a bit more than halfway filling it. It isn't all mashed down, of course, so there's plenty of empty space in there, too.

Using slightly more of everything will leave you with some left over, which can be frozen as popsicles for later, or used as a base for shaved ice treats.

Now pour in the white grape juice. How much you use depends on the consistency you like. Try it about halfway to the top of the fruit or a bit less to start with, and add more if it seems too thick after blending.

We use the pulse mode to get all the fruit decently chopped, then the liquefy mode for a minute or two at the end.

What comes out is a delightfully chilly, very delicious smoothie!

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